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To prevent any potential problems during the winter season, it’s essential to have your heating system serviced beforehand. If you reach out to us, we can provide a furnace and heating system tune-up to ensure it runs smoothly throughout the season.


Squeaking noises, ignition issues, and carbon monoxide leaks are among the most typical problems encountered with furnaces and heating systems. If you observe any of these issues, it’s crucial to address them promptly and securely. Contact us for professional assistance in repairing these problems in a fast and safe manner.


Let us assist you in discovering the right energy-efficient system for your residence. We’ll aid you in comparing models and addressing any inquiries you may have, ensuring that you feel confident in your selection of a new unit.

OHPA Rebate Eligibility

OHPA Program

2024 Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program (OHPA)

Switch from oil heating to a heat pump and receive up to $10,000 in government rebates

At Superior Care, we offer a comprehensive start-to-finish service that includes free consultations, arranging government auditors, handling rebate applications, registering manufacturer warranties, and guaranteeing rebate payments.

Eligibility Criteria & Enhancements

Your home and income requirements
  • You only need to show proof of purchasing 500 litres of heating oil in the past 12 months (reduced from 1000 litres)
  • A wider range of heat pumps are eligible, including air source and ground source heat pumps
  • The low-to-median income level has been increased to account for inflation

Best Furnaces Solutions

By scheduling routine maintenance checks for your heating system, you can potentially save money on energy bills. And if it’s time to consider an upgrade or replacement, we offer a range of solutions that can cater to both your needs and budget. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and cost savings for your heating system.

The Importance of Hot Water in Your Home

Whether you require regular maintenance for your water heater or an upgrade to accommodate increased demand, we’re here to assist you. With our comprehensive range of solutions, we can help you find the ideal option to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how we can help you maintain or enhance the performance of your water heater.

Efficient, reliable and on-demand supply

If you’re tired of running out of hot water and experiencing the frustration of sudden temperature changes in the shower, a tankless water heater system might be the solution you need. With this technology, you can enjoy on-demand hot water without the need for a storage tank, eliminating the excess, unused warm water that often goes to waste. 

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